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Key Storage Lock Boxes
The ORIGINAL dial combination lock box.  Securely store and share spare keys with ShurLok, the safest, most convenient key storage lock box.

ShurLok, a division of FJM Security Products, was the first and original dial combination lock box developed.  The all-metal key storage box that is the safest, most secure lock box on the market. Separate combinations open the shackle and key compartment -- and the combinations can be changed in seconds.

The patented and  favorite feature of the ShurLok is that it has one combination for the shackle and a second combination for the key compartment!!  No other lockbox offers this patented feature. No more lockboxes walking off! Give out the combination to the door for key access but keep the shackles combination!

The ShurLok can be secured with the shackle over any door knob or used to attach to gates, etc. Also, optional accessories such as the patented LeverGrip, Bracket and door mount offer even more flexibility where ShurLok can be placed.

The lock box is so simple to use a child can open it, yet so versatile it will satisfy anyone, from home owners to boat owners, from construction workers to maintenance people.

All Metal  Solid and durable.

Zero Locking Open the ShurLok in the Dark! Simply roll the dials up until they stop at zero and then count your numbers up from there.

Proven History-  The ShurLok was the first dial combination lock box on the market with over a 10 year history of reliability/durability.

Where to find the ShurLok  
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Why is ShurLok the BEST Choice?

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Large Capacity

Over the
Door Bracket
Wall Bracket



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