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Key Storage Lock Box
No Need to Hide the Key Under Your Mat, Rock, Flower Pot, Mailbox.... or other known places
key storage lock   box

Maintenance/Cleaning Personnel ,etc.

Key Storage Lock

Secure Your Home!

Secure Key Storage has become very important to families with the increased number of two-income families and the growing concern over crime.

ShurLok Key Storage Lock provides secure key storage and controlled access to your home to only those to whom you give the combination.

The ShurLok Key Storage Locks combination is very easy to change and , if you wish, you can set your ShurLok  Key Storage Lock Box to another combination after serviced by maintenance or cleaning personnel.

Going on vacation? Give your combination for the key storage lock box to friends & family to water your plants, feed the fish or care for your pets. If you have forgotten something and need someone to access your home for you to check on something, you can simply call them and give them your combination over the phone.

  • Never Be Locked Out Again!

    Peace of Mind, Convenience and Security.
    ShurLok Key Storage Lock Boxes

    Friends & Family

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Friends & Family

Key Storage Locks


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