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Combination Lock Boxes
Now.... which rock did he say that key was under??
Setting the Shackle Combination                     Using the ShurLok                     Utilizing the Bracket


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Combination Lock Boxes

Setting the Shackle Combination Lock Box

You can set a new combination for your ShurLok Lock Box any time and it is very easy to do. Set the combination to the number that opens the shackle Leave the shackle open.

Combinaton Lock Boxes
combination lockbox
Turn the side change screw 90 degrees clockwise. Mary is using a paperclip to change combination lock box (no tools needed, just use a coin or paperclip).
Change the combination lockbox  to the number you want for the Shackle.
combination lock box
real estate combination lock box
Turn the change screw back (counter clockwise) 90 degrees And it is that easy!!! Change your combination lockbox any time and as often as you want.   Use the instructions sheet to determine your key door code.  Note: You can also use the instruction sheet to first determine your key door code and then set the corresponding dials for the shackle code.

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Combination Lockbox


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