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The Professional's Choice for Mechanical Lock Boxes
Lock Box

Best Lock Box

Why is ShurLok the Best Choice for a Lock Box?

  • Better Quality Lock Box-
    No plastic buttons or dials subject to weather and wear (planned obsolescence)
    The ShurLok LockBox has an all metal construction with brass dials that are chrome plated. It is made with durability in mind. We do want you to buy more ShurLok Lock Boxes, but not by making a product that will deteriorate with time!

  • Far Superior Lock Box than Punch Button Lock Boxes-
    Not only are their punch buttons plastic and break, they are not near as secure. If your combination on the punch button is 1-2-3-4, the combination is NOT sequential. This means that you can open up the lock box on 4-3-2-1, 2-3-4-1, etc. ...ANY combination of those 4 numbers out of 10 can open up the punch button lock box. This translates into a lock box that is not very secure. ShurLok, on the other hand, has 10,000 possible combinations.

  • No Front Face to Lose from the Lock Box
    - All other lock boxes have the common problem of the face falling off the front if it is not clicked back in securely. With the key lockbox face falling off onto the ground, this poses an open invitation for anyone to pick up those keys and access the home. Also, people often walk off with the front face which means you then have to buy a new lock box. ShurLok has solved this problems with an innovative sliding door on the side and no front face that gets lost or falls off the front.

  • Easier to Use Lockbox-
    The ShurLok opens up the first time, every time. If you have used the competition's punch button or locker room dial style of lockbox, you know the importance of opening the first time in front of your clients. "25 left, 14 right..." If you mess up on the dial or the punch button, you have to START OVER! With the ShurLok 4 dial, you never have to start over.

  • Easier to Recombinate Key Lock Box-
    With the competition, you need a mechanical degree and a screw driver to change their combination. The ShurLok has a patented change button on the side whereby it only takes seconds and a coin or paperclip to change your combination. Changing the combination on the ShurLok Lock Box is a piece of cake!

  • Zero Lock Dials on the LockBox-
    The ShurLok can be opened in the dark for your late workers. Simply roll the dials up and away from you until the numbers all lock on zero and then count your numbers down from there.

    Buy the ShurLok Lock Box today!

The Professional's Choice Lock Box!


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Best Lock Box is ShurLok!
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