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Emergency Access for Your Loved Ones with Key Boxes

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Elderly Medical Alert Lockbox

ShurLok has been know for reliability and durability for over 20 years as the first dial lock box on the market.  Count on the ShurLok in those moments when reliability counts when emergency personal need access to your loved ones home.

Provide emergency access to your loved ones that are living alone in their home. Gain the peace of mind by providing access by neighbors friends or officials to check on your elderly loved ones should you be worried about them.

Many communities have implemented programs utilizing the ShurLok Key Boxes. Police or Emergency Personnel then have access to the home to check on the safety of the elderly residents if there is a concern.

Physically Challenged Emergency Key Box

The ShurLok Key Box provides access for those who can not conveniently get to the door to allow people in. The ShurLok Key Box allows easy access by Friends, Family, Care Workers, Deliveries and more.

The "Zero Locking" Feature of the ShurLok Key Boxes allow vision-impaired individuals to open the ShurLok Key Box. When the dials are rolled up and away from you, the dials will all lock on zero. The combination to the ShurLok Key Box can then be counted down by the number of clicks.

Where can I buy the ShurLok Key Box?

Division of FJM Security Products


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ShurLok Key Lock Box is A Division of FJM Security Products