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Key Lock Boxes
Use ShurLo Key Loxes as Key Storage AND a Padlock
key lock boxes

Key Lock Boxes

The ShurLok Key Lock Box has a large variety of applications. Below are a few more:

Boats & Boat Lockers- Need access to your boats by friends or family? Want to head for the boat after work, but you forgot your keys? Use the ShurLok. As seen to the picture to the right, the ShurLok Key Lock Boxes are used for storing the boat key AND locking the boat locker*.
RV's- As a child our family traveled every summer in an RV. We always had to locate Dad (the holder of the key) to get in. Everyone can have access with the ShurLok Key Lock Box. Leave poor Dad alone!

Bikes & Motorbikes- With an optional cable, ShurLok Key Lock Boxes can be used to lock up the bike AND store securely store cash and keys .

Vacation Homes & Rentals- You no longer need to go out every time to give people access to rental properties. When sharing your vacation home amongst friends and family, provide easy access with ShurLok Key Lock Boxes.

Truck Tool Boxes- Keep a spare key to your truck AND secure your tool box*.

And More- The applications of ShurLok Key lockboxes are endless. Basically, anywhere secure key storage is a priority for access by you or others.

* Some situations are made for the diameter of a padlocks shackle. In this case, the KeyGuard Protective rubber shackle boot can be removed to fit into a hole made for a padlock.

Key Lock Box


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