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Key Storage
Give the ShurLok key Storage as a Gift Personalized with Your Company Information on it!

Realtors!  Master your marketing!

Homeowners buy a new home every 7 years.
Will they remember you in 7 years?

Calendars expire, fruit baskets get used up. In fact, most closing gifts that realtors give will not last until the time they want the homeowner to remember them the most...
when they buy a new home.

Buy them a closing gift that continues to keep selling YOU!

Place your information on the ShurLok key Storage and you will have continued exposure for years to come:

  • Every time the homeowner gets locked out, they are thankful for your thoughtful key Storage gift.
  • When the homeowner shares their key with others, you have additional exposure.
  • IDEA 1- When you give the homeowner the keys to their new home, have a spare made to place in their ShurLok key Storage.
  • IDEA 2- Give with the ShurLok Box, the optional bracket which encourages the homeowner to make the ShurLok box a permanent addition to their home thus continuing to promote your business.
  • Give them a gift that provides them security, convenience and peace of mind for their new home.

Can you think of a more appropriate closing gift that provides as much promotional mileage for you?

Use your logo ShurLok Key Storage on your listings:

  • Gain marketing exposure to others looking at your listings
  • With your personalized lock boxes, you will insure that they do not "disappear"
  • Save time and gas by leaving your personalized lock box as a closing gift for the homeowner rather than picking it up.




Popular terms: The box, box, key storage

key Storage

Your information will be imprinted in the area above the dials

The logos and text  are for example purposes only.

Domed - minimum order 36 units


Imprinted-minimum order 12 units

key storage

Where can I get the ShurLok key Storage with my Company Information on it?

Include your phone number, business name and address.

Mer Lock Box



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