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Support <<Accessing Your ShurLok << Change Screw Solution

ShurLok Secure Key Storage Trouble Shooting Guide - Page 5 
(updated 2.28.2007)

You indicated that the change screw on your ShurLok Secure Key Storage is facing straight up and down. Your change screw is currently turned to "change mode."

Please make note of the combination that is currently on the dials. Now, you may enter your desired shackle combination on the dials. Next, turn the change screw 90 degrees counter-clockwise (i.e.: to the left). The change screw should now be in the horizontal position (facing left to right). Your ShurLok is now working

Thank you for using ShurLok Secure Keystorage! For full instructions on resetting the ShurLok Secure Key Box, click here.


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