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  • Where can I buy the ShurLok Master Lockbox
    Click here.

  • Setting the Combination.
    Installing the ShurLok.

    Click here for demonstrations on setting the combination and installing the ShurLok.

  • I was setting my combination and I am now locked out.
    Please click here for our detailed trouble shooting guide.

  • I need the instructions for my ShurLok.
    Contact Us and the instructions will be emailed to you for our ShurLoks with numbers on the dials. Note: We do not have instructions for the lettered version of the ShurLoks, only the ShurLoks with numbers on the dials.

  • I forgot the combinations for my ShurLok.
    You will need to send the ShurLok into us to be reset. Click here for instructions.

  • I received the ShurLok and it was not set at the default 0000 shackle combination.
    From the factory the dials are always set at 0000 as part of the process with not a single case of variance. Potentially the reseller you bought our product from could have taken a returned product, resold it and the combination set at the wrong number but this is highly unlikely. When we hear this statement we explain to the customer that we have a free service that resets the ShurLok box. They then commence to explain to us how they had accidentally locked themselves out.

    The good news is that the ShurLok is secure, with 10,000 possible combinations. The bad news is that the ShurLok box is secure, with 10,000 possible combinations. The combination and dials will never change on their own… they have to be set their by the customer, by initially turning the change screw to the vertical position. Click here if you are locked out of your ShurLok.

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Is there a factory "back door" combination to reset the ShurLok Box

    Unfortunately it is not mechanically possible for there to be a back door combination. The combination that was coded into the ShurLok is the only one that can open (10,000 possible combinations). If you do not know either of the combinations to your ShurLok, you will need to take advantage of our resetting service. This is a free service for all ShurLoks less than one year old. (A nominal $7.00 handling fee will apply for older ShurLoks). Our guide shows you how to check the age of your ShurLok. Click here to have us reset your ShurLok.

  • Other Issues?
    Click here if your question or issue is not listed above.




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